If I seem a little strange / well that's because I am

Darling Fascist Bullyboy

Her Very Lowness with her head in a sling
3 December 1986

Jenny Holzer

Wipe out aristocracy now kill kill kill. Queen and country dumb flag scum. We are drowning in a manufactured ego fuck. Boredom bred the thought of throwing bricks.

"I could've 'ad her!" - Charley Stone

"sex" as a verb, 2manydjs, a bout de souffle, adam and joe, adrenalin, aesthetics as essential, alice in wonderland, androgyny, andy warhol, apocalypse now, architecture = frozen music, artwank, asceticism, babycham, best things ever, billy bibbit, biting, björk, black books, blade runner, blur, bob dylan impressions, borrowed-nostalgia-for-the-unremembered-eighties, bow wow wow, bpitchcontrol, bret easton ellis, brian eno, buffalo 66, casio nihilism, chris cunningham, chris morris, christina ricci, church bells, curve, cutting a gay dash, d-e-v-o, dancing, death from above 1979, diy, djing, donnie darko, dressing up, dylan thomas, edie sedgwick, ellen allien, experimental photography, eyeliner, factory records, fat clowds, fern hill, filthy electro, gang of four, gin, gladioli, glitter, gormenghast, grid systems, hamlet, hatful of hollow, high fidelity, i'm-pretty-like-druuuugs, indie-schmindie, intensely intense people, jeff buckley, john lydon, johnny marr, joy division, kenickie, kicking-ass-and-taking-names, kissing, klf, kraftwerk, late late late nights, lcd soundsystem, leopard print, letraset, littel myndy askings, locoroco, london, magazine, mansun, martin creed, martin hannett, miss kittin, modelling-myself-on-bernard-black, morrissey, my bloody valentine, new order, night trains, nine inch nails, nobuyoshi araki, orange juice, oscar wilde, overenthusiasm, p.i.l, paul morley, peter saville, philip larkin, photocopiers, posh, postcard records, prefab sprout, pretension, pulp, punk-funk, queen adreena, reading, really bad puns, red wine, reeves and mortimer, richey edwards, riddley walker, riot grrl, roaring at techno, scritti politti, shampoo, showing off, silliness on the tube, siouxsie & the banshees, smoking, sparks, stars, suede, suits, sunlight, sylvia plath, synthesisers, talking heads, the associates, the divine comedy, the fall, the long blondes, the smiths, the velvet underground, tiga, tony wilson, trainspotting, typewriters, typography, underworld, whitey, winona ryder, wire, withnail & i, wolfgang tillmans, writing, xiu xiu, xtc, zombies